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(from the archives) Another “what summer break?” post

I've posted about all the things I've got planned for the summer break before. This isn't that post. This is to point people towards this article, Not Summer Break. The author is talking about how there's the myth of the summer break in education, how many (most) teachers spend their time revisiting their classes and… Continue reading (from the archives) Another “what summer break?” post

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This land acknowledgement is your land acknowledgement

For the past few years I've seen an increase in land acknowledgements at the start of conference and workshop sessions. You know what I mean: This [building, event] is on the unceded and ancestral land of the [native tribe name] and ongoing members; the work of this presentation was doing on unceded and ancestral land… Continue reading This land acknowledgement is your land acknowledgement

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Prurient interest alert!

I loved this tweet by Charlie Sykes: Oy. Now we're going after artworks? Have we also considered banning discussion of that other Renaissance painter, the one with the name no 7th grade boy can pronounce without giggling (aka Titian)? And what about the authors Dickens and Dickenson? Will AP Art History be cancelled because… Continue reading Prurient interest alert!


Stop gatekeeping

Every few years (sometimes more frequently) there's a tweet/article/blog post like this: To which I say, UGH. Make that several "ughs". The biggest program for "leveling" books was founded in 1986, after I left college. I'm just wondering what would have happened had it existed when I was in school because I certainly read… Continue reading Stop gatekeeping