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Update your list of sites to watch

Posted by lpearle on 13 July 2004

One of my frequent reads,, mentioned a blog that I think I’ll add to my list, Luddite Librarian. Why? Because she’s got good things to say about the state of the profession and our insistance that new technology is necessarily better and that we need to rush out to embrace it.

At work I think people would classify me as a “first adopter” for technology. In real life, I’m more likely to wait and see before running to the new/improved. So-called time-savers tend to actually take up more time, don’t they? Rather than just buying a CD and popping it into my player and going, I now have to load it into my iPod and then remember to update the iPod and any playlists and organize it into genres, etc.. How is that saving me any time?!

“More” does not always mean “better”, something many technophiles forget. I have an old Palm (IIIe, if you’re interested). I have a cell phone that is turned off most of the time. Neither have e-mail or web access. Why? Because there’s value to being turned off, to not allowing people to know where you are at all times. Because there’s now an expectation that we’re not allowed to be comfortable being alone, being unconnected, and that we welcome “tools” that will tie us to the outside world at all times. Perhaps there’s some value to having an electronic Swiss Army knife… for me, the jury’s out.

Anyway, check out the Luddite Librarian.


One Response to “Update your list of sites to watch”

  1. Anonymous said

    Interesting: I thought the Luddite Librarian was a HE.

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