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Book Fair Business

Posted by lpearle on 26 February 2006

The past few weeks I’ve been busy at MPOW helping set things up for the Book Fair. This is an annual event, run by the parents for the benefit of the Parents Association. The library usually has a Wish List that people can buy books and donate them from, but that’s the only real benefit we derive.

One of the things that they ask is for student recommendations. So the Middle School kids filled out these sheets with titles of books (sometimes they include the author and perhaps a comment), and I collated them into a list that we (my staff and I) annotated. While we’re not ordering everything from that list, it’s a good indication of What Kids Are Reading Now. It wasn’t surprising that I recognized many of the titles. Some were “oh yeah, that” type books, some were “how could anyone recommend that” books and one or two were “wow – someone read that!” books. Like King Solomon’s Mines. Who knew that 6th graders were reading it any more?

It gave me hope, reading the list. Overall, the choices were good, solid reads. And the few surprises – like the Haggard – made me feel good. I don’t expect that this student will next read She. Or Richard Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels (one of my favorites, and a book my parents often gave to other kids). But the mere fact that they’re reading, and reading such a variety of books, gives me hope. Hope that they’ll grow into Upper School readers. And then adult readers. Fingers crossed.


One Response to “Book Fair Business”

  1. Sherri said

    “Complete Book of Marvels” was one I kept checked out of the library when I was in 3rd grade, and finally got my own copy in 5th grade. The dust jacket is long gone, and the spine is a little weak, but I still take tours through it now and again. I’ve also picked up some of Haliburton’s other books, but none have captured me like that one.

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