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Posted by lpearle on 23 March 2006

This morning’s sessions have been filled with challenges. Challenges to think about how we relate to our users, how we present information to our communities. Do we do this via ubiquitous computing, basing things on one-on-one, “just in time”” outreach? Or do we snazz up our websites and mirror our practice on-line? Can we merge the two into a new, fresh approach to how we do what we do, only on-line and better?

I think we can. But it’s a challenge — will the technology support my goals? What about my staff –– can they make the leap with me? And how do I change the culture of MPOW to reflect the changes?

I’m energized to make those changes, though. I’ve got all sorts of great websites in my mind, great pathfinders and resources for my students and teachers to use. How do I translate that into practice?

The problem is partly with MPOW. The website is stuffy, and doesn’t allow for much innovative design. We don’t even host the site in-house, although pages can be. So, the first challenge is to create some dynamic pages, and convince TPTB that this is what we should be moving towards, at least in the library. Then I have to find a way to integrate that with the current standard, the current hosting facility. After that?

Let’s just say that it’s yet another project in my seemingly endless list for the summer. More on that later…


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