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Which part of Mexico are you from?

Posted by lpearle on 5 May 2006

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, MPOW served Mexican food for lunch. We had beef burrito, taco and fixin’s. For dessert there were churros and, well, I can only wonder what to call it.

“It” looked like an ungodly melange of orange jello, green jello and – wait for it – marshmellows. The colors of the Mexican flag, to be sure, but… well… hardly traditional. Or maybe it is. Maybe so many Mexican’s have flooded the midwest that they’ve given us a new blend (call it Neb-Mex).

What do I know? I’m just a gal from New England who thinks moving to NYC is south and west.


3 Responses to “Which part of Mexico are you from?”

  1. stj said

    thougth that jello was one of the major food groups in mexico?seriously have been there a few times and don’t remember seeing jello or marshmelloes(sp?) on any menu…….ahhh, globalization….soon we’ll be having chimichaga’s with tofu….one last note…this wouldn’t be a holiday if the darn french didn’t invade so once again we have something to blame them for

  2. Jandy said

    Neb-Mex???Maybe I’ll drive thru one of the local Mexican restaurants for some carne asada fries. Being in San Diego means lots of good mom-and-pop type Mexican places. Some of my daughter’s co-workers brought in sweet bread and candy for them to celebrate (no orange and green jello w/ marshmallows).Cinco de Mayo has been a holiday down here for a long time. Like St. Patrick’s Day for the Irish, it’s a good excuse for a rousing party.

  3. Lazygal said

    Yes, Jandy, “Neb-Mex”. You’ve heard of Tex-Mex? Well, go to Nebraska and… well, it was a theory.I’ve know about Cinco de Mayo for a long time, unlike my mother, who is apparently living under some rock in Upstate New York (yes, I did tell her that!). I’ve eaten Mexican food in New York and in San Francisco, where I had an incredible mole for the first time. I’ve just never seen this jello thing. I even checked with a colleague from California. She swore this wasn’t traditional.So the question remains: where did “they” come up with this cuilinary, uh, er, delight?

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