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Things that make you go "wha????"

Posted by lpearle on 10 May 2006

As you know, I work in a school. Oddly enough, many of my friends also work in schools (odder still, they’re librarians in schools – go figure). And we talk. About work. It’s called networking. I’m just saying I hear things about other schools.

MPOW has placed a lot of importance on Manners, particularly in the Lower School. Few schools have a week celebrating manners, but generally speaking, there are “rules” that we try to teach the young ones. MOPOW‘s Middle School has signs in each classroom that read “Stash Verbal Trash”. Many of the things we stress are small things that will be important as the child ages, and we try to set a good example.

One thing that is pretty consistent in schools is the “if you cut, you go to the end of the line” rule. Seems pretty fair, right? Learning not to be so impatient, not pushing your way to the front – this is a good thing. So, when you hear that a child has cut in line and was sent to the back, you don’t really think twice about it. Right?

Wrong. In one case, thinking twice apparently would have helped. The child in question was black, the teacher was white, and the mother complained that this was racially insensitive. Racism trumps manners. Not that anyone not overly sensitive to racial slights would have come up with that. I’m just saying.


One Response to “Things that make you go "wha????"”

  1. Anonymous said

    stj said…how do i say this….let’s see….WHAT CR*P!!!!!!now i guess this school will have to get the pc police in and everyone will be colored (ooops bad word?) gray so that we’re all to know if the kid even knows who rosa parks is not that that’s an excuse for bad manners.tell mom to get a grip and what would be her idea of how to handle it? probably leave the kid at the head of the line as he was so suppressed in his before life.sheesh…….

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