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Bible shopping

Posted by lpearle on 23 May 2006

We’re updating the collection here at MPOW, which means that I get to spend hours looking at lists of what we need to replace (because it’s old and falling apart or because the information is outdated) and what we need to augment what we have. It’s a lot of fun, particularly if you’re a biblioholic like myself.

Today I’m in the 200s, which (for those of you who have forgotten the Dewey Decimal System) means I’m looking at the Religion [and Mythology] section. It turns out that our Bibles are a little old. Yes, yes, I know – they were written a while ago. I don’t mean that: I mean that our beautiful copy of the King James version is falling apart.

Thinking that this would be easy, I went to our vendor’s on-line catalog and typed in “King James Bible” as keywords. Imagine my surprise when 1576 items popped up! Turns out that there are a number of variations on this theme: bonded leather, red worded, NKJV, etc.. Who knew?

In case you’re wondering, if I’d just typed in the DDC number for Bible (which you all know is 220.5, right?), I’d have had to choose from 2423 possibilities


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