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This one’s for Bri

Posted by lpearle on 20 July 2006

I don’t think my previous post counts, so, as requested, here’s a post for Bri. It falls into the rant category, which is right up her alley.

It’s a rant about FedEx. And how I hate them.

I ordered from LLBean recently and the stuff was sent via FedEx Home. According to the tracking, it was on the truck on the 14th. “Delivery exception. And the 15th (another “delivery exception”). Then I called – they claimed my address doesn’t exist.

Perhaps the concept of the cottage doesn’t translate to the driver. Perhaps this misguided person wants all front doors to face the street. Perhaps the trauma of figuring out that in between 164 and 168 was 166 (aka Home Sweet Home) was just too much for him.


It took three more phone calls for me to get my package. Let’s not even get into the fact that the skirt was too short for me to wear (and I didn’t get ‘petit’, I got ‘regular’). Let’s just continue to focus on the fact that it was finally delivered on the 19th. With a hand-scrawled message stating “The customer claims this is the correct address.”

Yesterday I called to have two packages shipped (via FedEx) to San Diego. This is work related stuff, mind you. And MPOW does lots of business with FedEx. Should be a snap, right?

Today the FedEx driver came to the library; I pointed out where the boxes were and went happily about my business. Lunchtime came, I went to the dining hall and – what do you know? Those boxes were just sitting there.

So I called FedEx again. Cathy told me that they were oversized and weighed 302lbs. Yeah, right. Like I can carry 302lbs across the quad. And 9x19x13 can’t possibly be “oversized”. She spoke to the dispatcher, who spoke to the driver. They’re supposed to be back by 4pm.

Are you willing to bet on that one?

ETA: I just called to ask if we could add two more packages (in FedExPax, so they’re pretty light). After two phone calls – the first person didn’t speak English well and told me to call back! – I find out that there is no rescheduled delivery for the 302lbs already waiting. WTF is going on in that company?!


2 Responses to “This one’s for Bri”

  1. ms.bri said

    Thanks! This is an appropriate post/rant for me. And infuriating. I haven’t heard such ridiculousness from a company for a while. Good luck!

  2. Lazygal said

    Bri, anything I can do to help ease the pain of turning – gasp – 31. I vaguely remember what that felt like ; )

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