School Libraries

Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

It just works my last nerve when I read things like this. Mrs. OPL has said what I’d say, only more eloquantly (of course).

Couple that with these comments, and you can see why I’m shaking my head. Why do people equate educational innovation with destruction of libraries? I don’t get it. One message on an e-list (received today) read “I am looking to start a list of ‘must haves’ to go to a bookless-magazineless Instructional Media Center rather than a traditional library.”

We’ve left the Dark Ages of chained books and scriptorums… we scrapped our card catalogs ages ago (didn’t anyone read Nicholson Baker?)… we provide resources and outreach on a continual basis. I know no librarians that adhere to the old stereotype (although I do have a libraian named Marion on my staff).

It’s easy to make us the object of scorn, to cut our budgets and to ignore the value of print (aka “old fashioned”) resources.

What do we have to do to change this?

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