Pedagogy, School Libraries

School Libraries, 2.0 and moving onward…

We knew going in that this was going to be difficult… there is so much confusion about exactly what School Library 2.0 really is. So, the task for our group is “define the vision.”

Michael Stevens spoke first – I’ve heard him before and he’s usually very inspirational. It’s interesting to hear from the academic/public world at times, but mostly I’m glad he’s here, learning from us!

  • L2.0 is “library service that encourages constant and purposeful change… physical and virtual services… constantly evaluating” – it’s about breaking down barriers
  • some considerations: 1. conversations (between users), 2. blogs can be the voice of the library (as at Anne Arundel and Waterboro), 3. search success, 4. collaboration

David Warlick said that students value Money, Brains and Time (and resent something that’s a WOMBAT (IM slang)).

Doug Achterman reminded us that collaboration is a real world skill, and that we need to figure out how to be part of the digital workspace.

Diane Chen said a lot… I’ll let her blog speak for her.

Then we broke into groups, to discuss the critical elements of SL2.0. What’s amazing to me is that the definition we finally came up with is scaffolded by my group’s critical elements. It’s nice to know that my thinking is right on target.

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