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Weeding? What’s that?

Posted by lpearle on 12 January 2007

Fairfax (VA)’s library caused a stir when they talked about weeding their library holdings – this time, the Washington Post got into the act (the NYTimes led the charge on the Maplewood NJ closings; now Madison WI is considering the same! – þ: All Things Amy)

The thing is, I’ve been overseeing a similar effort at MPOW. We’ve thrown out — after making a valiant effort to sell them for $.25 each — over 10,000 books, and we’re still weeding. (Just so you don’t think the shelves are bare, we’ve added about 7,000 back.) Some are really old, some are really in bad shape, and some are just not getting the use due to curriculum changes. I have no problem providing my community with the library resources they really need for their personal and professional lives.


4 Responses to “Weeding? What’s that?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Why don’t you put those thousands of books on a FREE table? Maybe folks would take them if they were free; save landfill space.

  2. Sherri said

    Ah, for me, unloading books I do not love is like losing weight I do not want — it is difficult, and sometimes I do wonder if it is worth it, but once they are gone, I have so much more ROOM to move around.Of course, there aren’t many books in my collection I do not love 🙂 Still, that’s my analogy and I’m sticking to it.

  3. Lazygal said

    We don’t have space for them to be out more than a few hours (we barely have space for the boxes!) and “free” won’t get more of them out of the landfill. Our community has raised over $600 over the past year for Katrina-afflicted schools just from the book sales alone – it’s not a money issue, it’s a books issue.

  4. […] Libraries at 11:26 am by lpearle Since I started at MPOW two years ago, we’ve been working on updating/upgrading our collection. Librarians at the Gate sums up their process (after first creating a plan). Alice posted a great […]

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