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Still More Things I Hate at Conferences

Posted by lpearle on 21 January 2007

This ties into the whole “don’t talk down to your audience”: if the average age of the audience is older than you, edit your talk (on the fly if necessary) so you’re not telling them their history. I don’t mean professional history (you don’t always know what route they’ve taken to getting to that profession). I mean history history. Most people over a certain age have heard of people important to an era. For example, an American over 50 who hasn’t heard about Castro and the Cuban Missile Crisis probably wasn’t pay attention then and won’t now.

As a corollary to that, remember, this is an aging profession. Assume that the audience includes some (many?) pre-Boomers. Not everyone at a What’s Next/Keeping Up With New Trends session is going to be Gen X or newer.

(for other things I hate go here, here, and here)


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