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End of a project

Since I started at MPOW two years ago, we’ve been working on updating/upgrading our collection. Librarians at the Gate sums up their process (after first creating a plan). Alice posted a great rationale over at the AASLBlog, and Doug has one in his archives.

It’s irresponsible of me not to weed. When the average age of the science collection for grades 5-12 is over 25 years, it’s not just time to weed, it’s an embarrassment. Leaving aside the problem of shelf space, the need is there for books in good condition, books with current information, books that students will read for pleasure, etc.. School libraries are not depositories. They’re not archives. Our students deserve better books. And its my role, my responsibility, to help provide them with those resources.

It’ll take a while for me to feel that the collection here is really Up to Snuff (ok, being realistic: is any school library collection ever completely Up to Snuff? thought so). In the meantime, we’re weeding and buying and hoping that we’re making good choices in both directions.

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