Ethics, Privacy

A car-crash world

Seems like the world is getting crazier and crazier (although Doug asks, “How much of this will really matter at this time next year?”). The problem is, it should matter.

  • It should matter that during the tragedy at Virginia Tech we were glued to the television, listening to the inanities the newsreaders spewed. One actually had the insanity to ask a student how it felt to be in a place that had just undergone the worst school shooting in America. How many complained about the crassness of that question? How many of those at the school winced and asked the cameras to leave them to their grief?
  • It should matter what happened to Kathy Sierra. Civility in public discourse is needed Heck, civility in public life is needed. Without it, what do we have?
  • It should matter that hypocrisy is all around and few are crying out against it. Many have blogged about the Imus Incident (personal favorite posts can be found here, here here and here), and what he said was wrong. Did the punishment fit the crime? Only if we also go after the rappers (despite their so-called defense), and Al Sharpton, and all others that engage in this sort of speech.
  • It should matter that my students aren’t careful or concerned about their privacy, and that they don’t care that what they post may be mean, vengeful or defaming of someone else. This should matter most of all, because if we don’t start here, what hope do we have for our future?

Sorry doesn’t seem strong enough, yet that’s what we’re treated to again and again.

Watching a car crash can be addictive. Watching a slow car chase can be mesmerizing. It’s time to snap out of our national trance.

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