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Imposed Quiet

MPOW suffered a great loss Tuesday: our telephone and internet connections died. They’re back now, but for 36 hours we were “cut off” from the world.

Oddly, it didn’t matter that much. Work went on – students doing research found books, of all things, that had useful information in them (it helped that our catalog still ran), and we found many small tasks that we usually don’t have time for got done easily.

My radical suggestion? Let’s have one day a month without the internet. You can still have a dynamic program without it. And you’d be amazed how much gets done.

1 thought on “Imposed Quiet”

  1. Since I maintain a web site for a living, I can do once a month. On the rare occasion when my connection is down for half a day, I find a get a great deal of cleaning/file purging done. But in the end, I’m jonesing for my internet.

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