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Public admission

Posted by lpearle on 25 June 2007

Walt Crawford wrote about being wrong – and publicly acknowledging it. This has been resonating with me as I sit in Meeting, as I interact with my friends/colleagues, and as I go about my professional life.

Some time ago, I wrote off Will Richardson as being a one-note pony, always blah blah blahing about blogs (and blogvangelism). When I hear bleating, I turn off. So I stopped reading his blog and moved on. This year, at the Mohonk conference, he was a presenter. It truly wasn’t his fault that the presentation stunk (although I had a blast getting to know – and heckle with – Nancy White and Dave Cormier). We (Nancy, Dave, Will and I) sat at the same dinner table and I told him then that I’d begun to change my mind. I started peeking at his blog again, and I can say that he really has changed. It’s more thoughtful, less pushy. More meat, if you will.

Some visionary blogs I read don’t take the time to reflect how their vision might be misinterpreted, or dismissed, by us plebes. He did. Don’t mistake me, he’s still thinking about how this read/write/review/revisit/respond thing we call blogging can be used best, but he’s better at it now.

So, publicly, I was wrong.

3 Responses to “Public admission”

  1. Will said

    Wow…thanks for that. And here I feel like my blogging has gone south. Oops! Seriously, appreciate the second look. Best,will

  2. dave cormier said

    yes will… you definitely contain less suckage 🙂 LOL.

  3. […] The first thing I’ve been looking at are a couple of my elists, where there’s been talk about how to deliver an academic program should a school be closed or quarantined. Several learned techies have weighed in, referencing their online learning management systems and the ability to have webinar/online meetings, etc.. Reading this reminded me of something I’ve posted before, about the NEIT conference in 2007: […]

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