Techno Geekiness

Cool new tools

Recently I stumbled across EverNote – it’s amazing. I’ve been using it for a week and it answers many (not all, but many) of my “where can I put this so I’ll remember that link/idea/contact” issues.

Then I was told about Basecamp, and wow. I know why the Emerging Leaders are using it. I’ll be using it – it’s just going to make my life that much easier.

There is a Luddite-ish side to me, but really, it’s all about convenience. Bloglines means that I can see all the blogs I’d like to check in on easily (although some of them post far too regularly and I’m a bit scared to see how much I’ll miss when I go on The Big Trip in August – Walt Crawford suggested I just Mark All Read and move on!) My Palm means that my important dates and contacts and lists (of books wanted, movies to see, etc.) are on both my home and work computers AND in my pockets, all with the same updated information.

Now these – all easily syncable, which gives me the confidence that as long as I have a compute (and electricity), I’ll have everything I need. Of course, paper backups won’t hurt…

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