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How great is this?

Posted by lpearle on 28 September 2007

We officially opened the temporary-temporary library last week. As part of the celebration we handed out temporary tattoos to students borrowing books (mostly Middle School girls, but some Upper School students came).

I heard that on Tuesday, during an away MS Girl’s Soccer game (a game in which three yellow flags were issued), the following exchange occurred.

OTHER TEAM MEMBER (sneering): Ooooh… look at the [MPOW] team girls with those skull and crossbones tattoos. You think that means you’re tough or something?

MPOW TEAM MEMBER (scornfully): No. It means we like to read.


2 Responses to “How great is this?”

  1. Aravis said

    I love it!

  2. stj said

    possibly the skull/crossbones threw them off…maybe should have gotten ones where the skull/crossbones had a copy of war and peace under it….or would that have more meaning than it should?in any event love it…kudos to the girl….

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