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Grumble grumble

Posted by lpearle on 22 February 2008

The area is getting hit with a major snowstorm. Problem is, most of the public and parochial schools are out on February Break, so their school districts aren’t closing. Bigger problem is that MPOW is an independent school and won’t be out on Break until the middle of March.

Last night I got a call via our automated phone tree: two-hour delay. Today, I’m looking at the websites for school closings and other independent schools and districts are closing. But not us. We’re still on the delay schedule.

Usually I’d be at work by now (7am) but I’m about to start heading out now. Just to make sure I get there by the time I’m supposed to be. Instead of having a nice snow day.

Grumble grumble.

ETA: 7:11 the call that we’re closed came. Not to my cell, but to my home phone — one or two more minutes later and I’d have been out the door, heading down to work and missing the call. I’ve asked that the calls go to my cell, but for some reason no one wants to make that change for me! On a brighter note, I’m now heading back to bed (and yes, I did do the Happy Snow Day Dance)


One Response to “Grumble grumble”

  1. Kar said

    snow days are a special joy

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