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April IS the cruelest month

Posted by lpearle on 11 April 2008

Really. It is. There’s so much going on, I really need two months between April 1 and 30th.

Book Fair at MPOW is a relatively big thing (although not compared to some schools). While the parents handle most of the fair, I think it’s only responsible to help with book choices and arranging, and (of course) selling. This means a stream of “to do” that starts in December becomes a torrent by this time – set up is today and tomorrow, with the fair running most of next week. I’ve been arranging books, determining whether something is appropriate for grades 5/6 or 7/8 (and sometimes, that’s pretty darn difficult!), helping create signs and “If You Like [genre], then try [titles]” bookmarks, and generally getting very little done of my other work. Now, to be fair, I have the world’s most wonderful assistant, so that helps. But it’s still hours away from my desk.

Waiting for me when I do get to my desk is a book order (trying to get the final Fire purchases done), two faculty evaluations (which take a lot of time and thought — you want to be fair with your commendations and recommendations), and The Budget for AY2009.

The budget is huge (I mean work-wise). It requires thinking about the balance between electronic and print resources and how to best allocate funds. It means considering what programs I want for next year, and building that into the budget. This year, it means really considering the book purchases. In previous years, I would budget $xxx for new (recently published, or new curricular needs) and $xxx to bring older items up-to-date (our science collection had an average copyright age of 1974 pre-fire). Clearly, that’s not an issue at this point. But how much do I really need for next year? We have three new classes that we’ll need to support, which I’m prepared for. The rest? I can see purchases here and there of really good new stuff we need, and of course there’ll be new fiction to purchase (series like Erin Hunt’s Warriors are Must-Keep-Up-With according to my students). But the total amount will be less than in previous years because so much has been bought this year.

On top of all this is the normal, day-to-day stuff like classes. And hiring (still waiting to find out about one position, which is very much a can of worms; I know this won’t be resolved cleanly, but I hope to have some idea what’s going on by the end of the month). And then report cards.

Worst of all, it’s beautiful weather and the last thing I want to do is be stuck inside working. Much like you, I assume.

April. Grrrrrrrrrr.


One Response to “April IS the cruelest month”

  1. Aravis said

    It was beautiful out, but now it’s rainy here. Hope it is there as well, so you don’t have to feel as though you’re missing anything while you attempt to whittle away at the huge heap of tasks!

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