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What it’s really all about

Posted by lpearle on 20 May 2008

Despite the date on the calendar, this does not feel like mid-May. Despite the ending of official classes on Friday, this does not feel like the winding down of the school year. As a friend said, the “to do NOW” list will get done, and the sun will eventually warm things up. It’s been a difficult year balancing life and work and the fire and moving forward and there are times I wonder if I’m making any headway or doing anything right. Many times, it really doesn’t feel like I am.

Then there are those moments when I realize it’s not about getting everything cataloged perfectly, or making sure that my lesson plans go perfectly, or that we’re completing the insurance claim on time, or pricing out-of-print books, or balancing the budget or any of the other nitty-gritty library management “stuff”. It’s about the kids. And it’s about communicating with them and being seen as an important resource in their lives.

Just the other day a parent e-mailed, thanking me for the time I spent with her son helping him choose books at Book Fair – he’s read them all already and could I give him some more ideas for the summer? A few students today asked the same question. Also today, one student was honestly upset that our classes were drawing to a close, while several were happy that I’d be working with them more next year.

And really, that’s what it’s all about. If you can’t find that at YPOW, find some other job, some other profession. Really.


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