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What does this say about the state of education?

Posted by lpearle on 27 May 2008

Today, driving along, I passed a public school displaying a sign that encouraged voters to go to the polls last week to vote on next year’s funding. While this isn’t a problem in and of itself, there was a small problem with the sign It read “Please pass this year’s buget”.

This immediately sparked some questions: is this a school that has not been meeting Adequate Yearly Progress? are they trying to show that they’re too broke to afford the “d”? did no one proofread the sign? am I the only one to notice?

Several of my colleagues were talking about the budget votes (pre-voting) and were incensed that so-called “specials” (art, music, drama, library) were being cut while ESL classes were being added. Now, one could argue that in a town with a grown immigrant population, you need additional ESL classes. But how do you balance that against the loss of the “specials”? You don’t. The bottom line for schools is that NCLB mandates do not include things like art, while they do include high-stakes testing for everyone, including immigrants.


One Response to “What does this say about the state of education?”

  1. Aravis said

    Like you, I tend to catch those misspellings on signs as well. They drive me crazy.I hate that over the past couple of decades subjects such as the arts are marginalized; they are as important as anything else. I have to agree, though, that ESL is also critical. How often do you hear people complain because immigrants can’t speak English? And how intimidating, and even scary, it must be to be an immigrant who can’t speak English in a place where citizens are hostile to those who unable to do so. It is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that ESL classes are available.Why isn’t there enough money to go around?That was rhetorical.*sigh*

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