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Things I hate about conferences

For years, I've been hearing about the annual NECC conference: all the cool people went... it is the conference to go to for computers/education... you're going to learn soooo much at NECC... etc. Unfortunately, the timing often competes with ALA's Annual Conference, and many of us are forced to choose between the two (not to… Continue reading Things I hate about conferences

Conferences, Rants

Things I Hate About Conferences (part nine, I think)

It's conference season, and for the first time I'm off to NECC and ALA (usually the overlap and the timing is just wrong). Yes, I'm excited to see friends/colleagues and to have the opportunity to learn from experts and share with peers. But, of course, there are downsides. Here are three recent you're kidding me… Continue reading Things I Hate About Conferences (part nine, I think)

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What’s it all for?

When danah boyd asked her tweeps to submit questions for a conversation she was having with teens, I asked Do they really care about/use school library websites? Twitter? Pageflakes? Libguides? or only if teacher insists?. The response? Nope, they don't. All but Twitter are categorized as school tools and are only used when absolutely necessary… Continue reading What’s it all for?

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More changes?

I've written about our changes in shelving (some of which may have inspired Buffy's shelving upgrade). Next step: more rethinking cataloging. We're not going to get rid of Dewey, but we may use WordThink or BISAC categories to complement Sears/LCSH. Why? Because students (ok, adults too) don't think in complicated subject headings. They think in… Continue reading More changes?