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School’s out for summer (cue Alice Cooper!)


It’s not. For those of you that think that librarians get the entire summer off to rest, get tans, and do nothing, let Diane and Wendy disabuse you.

Ok, now that you’ve gotten that, let me tell you something even more important to my life: at MPOW I’m not considered a teacher – I’m an administrator. So I get an 11-month contract, which means I physically have to be at work most of the summer (ok, I’ll have 20 days off but still…)

The problem right now is that the last few weeks of school are always very fraught with projects and last minute crises and the pain of saying goodbye to graduating seniors and departing faculty/friends. Then graduation happens and – wham! – summer hits. And right on top of that is a productivity slump.

My goals for the summer are:

  • revise a chapter for a book on independent school library evaluation
  • upgrade our pathfinders to LibGuides
  • add to our Delicious account
  • update all our vendor contacts, policies and revamp the filing system (efiles and paper files)

All this in addition to placing summer orders, attending NECC and ALA Annual and taking a few short vacations (Maine, Chicago and Niagara-on-the-Lake). Oh, and finally getting around to clearing my To Be Blogged files.

But first, I need to deslump.

2 thoughts on “Slump”

  1. It sounds like a lot to do. At least the reading should be enjoyable, for the most part. I hope. :0)

  2. Mt. Bookpile to fewer than 300? Sounds like an admirable goal to me. Slump for a day or two with the books before going on to all the other tasks.

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