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More changes?

I’ve written about our changes in shelving (some of which may have inspired Buffy’s shelving upgrade). Next step: more rethinking cataloging. We’re not going to get rid of Dewey, but we may use WordThink or BISAC categories to complement Sears/LCSH.

Why? Because students (ok, adults too) don’t think in complicated subject headings. They think in terms of “mystery” and “European history” and “cars”. Isn’t part of our job to make things easier for them to find? To create as many access points as possible so that the right book gets to the right reader/researcher?

This angst about adapting is beyond my comprehension. Dewey’s not god. Tinkering to help our patrons is good. Yes, it’s more time out of our lives to make it happen. Yes, it’s not The Way Things Have Always Been Done. But remember: it’s not about us, it’s about them.

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