NECC09 Roundup (part two)

Continuing to look for gold among the dross... Second Day Keynote: Are Bricks-and-Mortar Schools Detrimental to Education? This "debate" felt forced: the pro side gave same-old/same-old constructivist arguments without explaining how a school building was problematic No one talked about the need to inculcate basics before allowing students to explore On-line learning was lauded (no… Continue reading NECC09 Roundup (part two)

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NECC09 Roundup (part one)

I've already blogged about the Opening Session, and those that follow me on Twitter know how excited I was by the PowerPoint presenters. Despite that, I went into each session hoping for the best and expecting to learn from the presenters. Enable Reading with 21st Century Skills The skills mentioned were nothing new: digital reading… Continue reading NECC09 Roundup (part one)