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Destination fatigue

Teacher-Librarian Ning (one of the many nings I’m “supposed” to follow) is getting a makeover. I am… underwhelmed.

What I am overwhelmed with is destination fatigue. I “must” follow this blog… that twitterer… read this column/magazine/journal… participate in these forums/nings/discussions…

@erniec said “still figuring out how to make a portal to all my digital spaces – nings, twitter, FB, blogs – all of it in one place. What do I need?”

For me, it’s not just about the portal (Netvibes would probably serve Ernie’s needs, ditto PageFlakes), it’s about how many I can follow, how many I (or anyone) can effectively follow. Even more important: how many can I effectively participate in? How many of us are in that same position?

It’s not about being bad for the profession, it’s about trying to constructively use my time and efforts. It’s about not wanting to start a conversation somewhere, realize that half the participants are somewhere else, and then have several threads going on in different places at the same time. Hardly efficient, is it?

The more we add, the less time we have for ourselves and for reflection and assessment. Is it more important to follow a new “guru” and add to my PLN, or is it more important to spend time with The Boys and recharge? Is this blog going to add to my practice, and if it is, what can I delete from my RSS feed? These are choices we all need to make, and I suspect the reason why more don’t participate.

My challenge to Ernie (and all the other urging me to join/follow/participate) is: what do I give up? Tell me that first, and why yours is better than what I have. Then we’ll talk.

3 thoughts on “Destination fatigue”

  1. I am pondering a blog post on a related topic, which is my bafflement at how to follow all this stuff AND try to keep up with all my personal blog stuff. Impossible. I got in way over my head once I started up with BlogHer. I currently have 793 unread posts and only 60 of those are "work."Plus I don't want overlap – don't want to accidentally comment on a work blog with my nonwork blog address or something… and yet that happens from time to time. So do I just let go and link it all to one place? I am supposed to try out googlewave but I am never logged in to my "work" google account, so do I link it to my home gmail account? I want it all in one place to save time but am not sure I want my worlds colliding. That doesn't even get into the time factor. I can't follow even one twitter account, let alone one for work and one for home… what to do? It makes me feel sort of hyperventilate-ish.In the end, I declare Google Reader bankruptcy and give up and start again.

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