These are the people in my neighborhood

Bri comments about the increasing use of PLN to describe those we follow and learn from:

I would posit that perhaps “digital natives” (a term I sort of grudgingly apply to myself) are not really using the phrase “Personal Learning Network” to describe their online activities. It’s just LIFE. The Internet is so much a part of my daily life that I don’t need to name it anything or announce that I am LEARNING now. I am learning all day long. I am online all day long. I am connected at pretty much all times.This is one of those facts that makes some people shake their heads and wrinkle their noses. It is one of those facts that is simply true about a large percentage of the people my age and younger that I know.

Hmm… I’m older than she is, and experiencing the same thing (online all day, learning all day).  So why the fancy acronym to describe this?

Whatever you call it, Joyce’s celebration of hers and David Kapuler ‘s guest post on Buffy’s blog are worth reading, particularly if you’re PLN-resistant.

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