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What I learned/thought about in 2009

(an unofficial meme, via Buffy)  My Top Five?

  1. The wonder that is LibGuides – and how to make good ones for class projectsCreating lists in Delicious isn’t enough: you have to market those resources to your students/teachers for them to have value.
  2. That these aren’t 21st century skills, they’re 21st century tools.  How can I  create a more participatory library using those tools?
  3. What sites, blogs, twitter feeds, etc. add to my learning, and which just contribute to the “data smog“. GoogleWave just isn’t floating my boat right now; neither is GoogleDocs.  The lack of a need to collaborate at that level, and the lack of good formatting on documents makes it difficult for me to see what best practices could be.  I do reserve the right to change my mind in 2010.
  4. Continuing to revisit our cataloging – adding subject headings, moving items into areas that make more sense for our students, etc. – is a definite Good Thing.
  5. Gratitude to all those willing to teach me and grow with me in this thing we call librarianship: Wendy, Buffy, Diane, Francey, Linda, Elizabeth, Courtney, Ernie, Ellysa, mk

ETA: What’s Good and What’s Not Good – incredible post.

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