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It’s almost like being there…

but not quite. Over the past two days I've been "attending" Educon with varying degrees of success.  The Elluminate rooms were interesting because the limitations of the technology really showed - if the mic wasn't positioned well, sound got muddied; if there weren't enough people in the backchannel, the experience was lessened; and if the… Continue reading It’s almost like being there…

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Missing the point?

During the ISS meeting during AASL's All-Committee, the resolution on changing our title back to "school librarian" was read.  The entire table cheered  (although, as Kristin says, "It feels like a visit from Obviousman"). So why are Diane and others upset? I have no idea.  Seriously, you'd think they didn't like the idea of reclaiming… Continue reading Missing the point?

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Things I love (and hate) about conferences

Let's start with the things I love (the things I hate aren't exactly a secret) convention centers that get wifi right - I'm guessing that the reason BCEC has such good connectivity is that it was built so recently (2004) that the technology infrastructure was built in; older venues have had to retrofit, not terribly… Continue reading Things I love (and hate) about conferences