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How will you contribute?

Linda Braun and I were talking about the upcoming YALSA Institute (at which I, Wendy Stephens and Buffy Hamilton will talk about “flipping” our libraries).  Based on danah boyd’s experience, I thought it might be a good idea if we were prepared for the backchannel (because you can never fret too much about these things, right?).

Linda said that she didn’t think that there would be much of one, although there will be a special # for the event (don’t worry, I’ll announce it when I know what it is).  We then talked about the types of tweets, presentations and blog posts we find useful.  Turns out, we’re of like minds:

  • tweets that expand on the presenter’s comments are great (links they’ve mentioned, posting a link to presentations/books/software); tweets that are essentially a pull quote with no explication, or just mention the presentation aren’t.
  • presentation zen” is great only if you’re actually there, so consider posting (on Slideshare, for example) an expanded version.
  • live blogging tends to be a collection of lists and brief notes, not thoughtful analysis and links (again, great if you’re there, not so great if you’re playing along at home). But if you’re going to do it, here are some great tips.

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