Me? Really?

I know I made a big deal about my presentation at YALSA’s Midwinter institute, but honestly: the honor of being asked to present on a program that included Cory Doctorow and Stacy Aldrich, not to mention my partners in presenting, Wendy and Buffy, was a little overwhelming.

And, as you know, I have decided views about how you can contribute to the conversation about the presentations. As a result, I tried to responsibly tweet what was going on.

Imagine my surprise when one tweet

Graphic novels are a gateway drug to more reading (literacy skyrockets)

became the “money Tweet” of the day. (and yes, I know I just buried the lede. sue me.)

Don’t know which was the bigger honor, but it made for quite a day!

ETA Apparently this tweet made Saturday’s list of Top Tweets

2 thoughts on “Me? Really?”

  1. Congratulations! I am sure it was great – I was just reading the tweets – I’d love to hear more about your presentation. Maybe you could come do it on the west coast sometime?

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