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Library Day in the Life

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So, what is does a “day in the life” look like for the Head Librarian at Hackley School?  Let’s see…

4:30 – stumble downstairs to feed the cats

4:35-5:35 – clear RSS feed, check e-mail and twitter links while watching C-SPAN’s Q&A from last night (really interesting program on students and politics)

6:10 – in car, heading to work; Sybarite5 in the CD player

7:00 – breakfast (this may seem weird, but Hackley is a part-boarding school and thus has a hot breakfast Monday-Friday; my breakfast buddies help me start my day with good conversation and laughter)

8:00 – walk across the Quad to the Chapel.  Official start to the school day!

(really bad rain/wind – probably a very slow day as students won’t want to cross the Quad)

8:10 – ordered three Netflix for faculty preview

8:15 – updated EBSCO database usage statistics

8:15 – accessioned magazines

8:30 – helped a student find a Walt Whitman poem in Granger’s on-line

8:45 – updated database page

9:08 – created LibGuide for upcoming 20th Century World project

9:45 – Sent overdue notices and invoiced very late overdues

11:45 – e-mailed NYSAIS contact re: proposal for ALA Annual 2011 presentation

12:00 – lunch (Assistant Registrar and I decided to order Chinese rather than brave the wind and rain for free food across the Quad)

12:00 – reported leak to Buildings & Grounds – the belfry needs to be retarred

12:48 – e-mailed book list of “if you liked…” ideas to 6th grade English teacher

12:59 – handed student copy of Lyndon from my personal collection

1:23 – helped student with computer access issues

1:48 – set up trial of Salem’s Milestone Documents databases

1:59 – approved invoices for payment

2:30 – meeting with architect regarding information/circ. desk in new library

3:15 – Academic Committee (talked about next year’s calendar, Summer Reading and a few brief other topics)

4:30 – heading home

5:30 – dinner, check e-mail, clear RSS feeds, read Week 3 round-up for on-line class in Instructional Design I’m taking at Simmons and get ready for Week 4

8:00 – turn off computer, read Incarceron until I fall asleep

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