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What’s the buzz?

Google’s all abuzz with Google Buzz.  According to the screen that shows up when I log in, I’m supposed to start sharing my updates, photos, videos, links, etc. with all the other Googlers out there.  (quick question: if people have become “peeps” and my twitter friends are “tweeps”, will we now start talking about “geeps”?  Or are they just geeks?)

Wendy tweeted

My folly was connecting GGL Buzz to Twitter, but quickly rectified that. I love reading my PLN’s shared bits in Reader, but Buzz? Too much.

But Briar commented that (on Facebook, no less)

Google Buzz could be an excellent “new Facebook” if we can get critical mass there (the fun of Facebook being the mix of close friends and random acquaintances) – way more convenient, shows status updates, photos and links, fairly usable on iPhone…

I think the question is, do we need Facebook <i>and</i> (or?) Twitter if we have Google Buzz?  Yes, part of this goes back to my thoughts about destination fatigue and the boundaries we establish, but a larger part of this is a question about what we want from each site, whether Google can take the place of two other sites, whether we need separation or if consolidation is the way to go.  After all the complaintscomments about the new Facebook design, that might be impetus enough for a migration.

I have some problems with the “opt out” nature of Google Buzz (“Your Google Reader shared items, Picasa Web public albums, and Google Chat status messages will automatically appear as posts in Buzz. To edit your connected sites or change privacy settings, view connected sites.”), and there’s always a concern about the oversharing of information with Google (I <i>will</i> get to the post from NEIT09, I promise!!).  But Buffy has a starting buzz that has ideas, well, buzzing around in my head – integration with Google Apps/Docs, working with students on claiming their Google Profile and a host of other things.

Will Buzz replace Twitter and Facebook?  Do we want it to?  Should it?  I have no answers to this right now, but I will be watching.

(oh, and if you want to know how to buzz with the best of them, FastCompany has all you need to know).

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