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What I’m doing this weekend

Some might call me a conference junkie.  They’d not be far wrong: I love getting together with peers and gurus and learning and sharing.  I even love the exhaustion after-the-fact and the realization that I can’t immediately integrate everything I’ve learned into my program and pedagogy.

So… this weekend it’s TEDxNYED!

I’ll be on a MetroNorth train by 7:16am heading to NYC to hear incredible thinkers like Andy Carvin and Jeff Jarvis and Michael Wesch and Chris Lehmann.  From 10 – 6 it’ll be an intense, brain-splode experience.  If you can’t be there, please follow along (there’s both a live site and the #TEDxNYED twitter feed).

Usually I take notes on a steno pad.  Very old-fashioned, I know.  Very 20th century.  This time I’ll be using that and my new Toshiba netbook, the same one Gwyneth Jones just bought. We’ll see how note-taking goes on a netbook, and of course those notes will get translated into blog posts for you!

One thing that has me a little concerned: unless my quick scan of the attendees is very wrong, there are only three (3!!) librarians attending.  While I love hearing from the technogods, having people from my world to talk to about it all would so help me make sense of what’s going on.  My point? Don’t expect incredible wisdom from me after this: my head will be reeling and I may very well be out of my depth.  But hey, I can dog-paddle with the best of them.

See you on Twitter, and I’ll be back in a couple of days!

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