Vaguely insulted

Yesterday, as I was presenting “at” the Alabama Library Association’s conference, someone called me at work.  The message was there when I got back, and it was clear that it was a wrong number… ish.

The call was from a salesperson, and was for a James Smith.  Yet this salesperson had clearly listened to my voice mail message, as he started with “Hello, Laura” before launching into his spiel.  ooookay.  I chose not to respond, because I’m not James Smith.

Later in the afternoon, the salesperson called back.  After we’d established that I was not James Smith, nor did one work at Hackley at my exact phone number, he said “well, as long as I’ve got you on the phone…” At that point, I cut in and said that I’d heard his message earlier, that I was quite happy working in a school as the librarian and thank you very much.  He then said “well, perhaps you’re only a school librarian because you’re not an entrepreneur.”

First of all, duh.  I’m also a school librarian because I’m not a veterinarian, a lawyer or any other profession.  Second of all, “only”. ONLY????  That’s the part that insulted me (I admit to snippily saying ‘I find that offensive.  Good bye.”).  I’m not ONLY anything.  This is a choice that I made, and one that I’m very happy and content to have made.

No, I’m not making tons of money.  I think even Donald Trump and Bill Gates and their billionaire peers would like to make more.  And no, my job isn’t perfect, but then, whose is?  There are good days and bad days, and parts that I love and parts that, well, not so much.  Bottom line?  I wouldn’t trade it to be something else, and I’ve never felt like I’m only a librarian.

Still, it’s rankling.  There’s a part of me that would like to call him back and ask if he’s only an idiot phone salesman.

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