Keeping up with the Joans

This weekend I had planned to do a lot of things: update the library’s website, do some book review, blog and ponder my summer’s work with the school archives.  I’ve got a number of posts from Twitter and my RSS feeds that I mean to go over and think about as well…

So what did I do?  I read.  Six books total (yes, I read that fast). I went to the dentist.  And I went to Meeting.  But mostly, I read and slept.

Part of me feels good about that, and part of me feels guilt for not keeping up with the Joans.  Who are the Joans?  We all have them: they’re the ones that spend their weekends scrapbooking and cleaning and taking their kids to soccer.  They’re the ones that seem to need no sleep and are always staying on top of the latest trends in librarianship, creating endless blog/Twitter posts and working on any number of publications and presentations and projects.  They’re seemingly superhuman, and me… well, I’m not.

I look at the next few weeks and I realize that between now and July 4th Weekend I have almost no free time.  There are many family events, ALA Annual, my 30th HS reunion and – deep breath – the move from the Chapel into a rebuilt Goodhue (hence the concentration on the archives).  My guess is that many of us are going through similar end-of-school-year stresses, and we’re equally worried about keeping up with our personal lives and our professional lives.

To keep my sanity, and my health, I can’t worry about the Joans.  I can read their posts and ponder their thoughts.  I can plan to think about how to include their ideas into my program.  But trying to keep up with them?  Not gonna happen.

3 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Joans”

  1. Glad to hear I’m not alone. I used my weekend to clean my house…it needed it badly! I also feel that it can be overwhelming to try to keep up with everything going on in librarianship right now. I like your idea of keeping an eye on the Joans’, but not struggling to keep up with them. : )

  2. I hear you – I think there are a bunch of us who feel the same way as you. It is hard enough to keep up at work sometimes, let alone be an energizer bunny for the whole profession! But once in a while, a burst of energy can take over and give me just what you need. I have to remind myself to take breaks and read just for my own pleasure sometimes (instead of some summer reading list agenda..).

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