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If it’s broke…

Posted by lpearle on 23 June 2010

There’s a discussion going on over at the AASL elist about participating in AASL and possible reasons why members don’t. The utter cliquishness and lack of “hey, you’re new, let me help you fit in” of the division hasn’t been mentioned, of course, but the fact that AASL still requires members to actually attend conferences has come up.

Julie Walker pointed out that AASL has changed its rules somewhat, allowing for virtual membership (and what constitutes “virtual” participation may vary based on the committee in question). But look at YALSA. They’ve changed all their committees and task forces (forci?) to virtual ones, with a few exceptions. This is a new way of approaching committee work, and one that YALSA will be monitoring. My guess? They’ll see participation skyrocket: it won’t be about whether you can get the days off and financial support to attend, it’ll be about wanting to work on behalf of the organization.

Wouldn’t that be novel?

I challenge AASL to consider a similar move, and to work hard to reach out to members who would love to be on a committee, but can’t currently meet the requirements.


2 Responses to “If it’s broke…”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I agree whole heartedly. Look at the wildly popular Classroom 2.0 with their webinars and such, as well as out own TL Cafe and TL Chats. Committees have many free options for meeting “in the clouds.” If we are the technology/information leaders in our schools, why isn’t the leadership of our organization leading the way too. First we must embrace and model to be able to implement successfully.

  2. […] on 5 August 2010 I’ve blogged about the ways in which I think ALA is broken (not to mention one division to which I belong, AASL).  Then along comes Will Manley, with a wonderful addition to this theme.  As the Quakers […]

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