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My six

Doug started a meme:

Remember the days of “memes?” Blog this challenge on your site! What are your 6 essential tools and 2 essential devices?

After pondering this on my way home, weighing the sites I visit and use regularly, it’s really pretty simple.

Essential tools/websites:

  • Gmail (staying in touch)
  • Bank of America (for online banking)
  • Facebook (seeing what my friends are up to)
  • Google Reader (as Doug does, I’m cheating with an RSS feeder!)
  • Goodreads (to keep track of my books and review those I’ve read)
  • Twitter (again, seeing what my friends are up to/staying in touch with my PLN)

Essential devices

  • DVR
  • iPod (not my iPhone, because I’m not a huge cell phone user and use that mostly when travelling, but I use my iPod daily while commuting)

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