Time to start planning!

Turns out I have two conference presentations next year: At ALA11 in NOLA: From Gutenberg to Google and Glogs, From Books to Vooks: Imagining and Developing the Successful, Dynamic 21st Century Library, A Panel Discussion and Debate (led by Carla Bosco, co-presenting with Wendy Stephens and Angela Carstensen) At AASL11 in Minneapolis: Books, E-ink and… Continue reading Time to start planning!

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Carrying a small stick

Over the weekend, a veritable firestorm erupted over this editorial calling for the banning of the books Speak and Slaughterhouse Five. I wonder if this isn't exactly what people like Scroggins want: people of relatively little importance and influence voice an incredibly stupid/wrong headed/conservative opinion and suddenly the Twitterverse and blogosphere are alive with the… Continue reading Carrying a small stick