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Am I a believer?

The other day, one of the reporters for the school newspaper interviewed me.  The questions were mostly innocuous (Q: what’s your favorite book?  A: Of all time?  Good Night Moon) and then she hit me with this one – Do you believe in the Dewey Decimal System?

My immediate reaction was “uh, the DDS isn’t something like God (or one of those things John Lennon didn’t believe in)”  (no, I didn’t say that, I just thought it)

I did say “No, not really.  But it’s the best system we have now.”  Which I sort of believe – DDS is flawed, we all know that.  LC is too complex for younger students (although my prep school used/still uses LC).  WordThink and BISAC are just as flawed and don’t always make sense.

Maybe we need to consider merging DDS and another system?

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