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Blinders anyone?

Recently, Buffy had quite the twitter conversation regarding the etiquette of the automatic follow.  Karl asked a similar question yesterday:

Twitter / Karl Fisch: Someone thinks I’m impolit …

My response was that if you follow someone expecting to be followed in return, that’s nuts.  Some people have thousands of followers, and to expect them to be able to follow each and every one in a way that is productive and meaningful is just unrealistic.  Seriously.  Look at the surface to noise ratio on Twitter and ask yourself, how many people can I follow and get something out of the “conversation” (I use quotes because often we read someone’s stream and don’t always feel the need to respond to their comments/links/thoughts).  Of course, it wasn’t quite that eloquent but 140 characters is a bit limiting at times.

Chris Brogan has created technology blinders, and I wonder about how we can compartmentalize within those blinders.  Chuck has limited the number of friends he has on Facebook.  If you’re among the many moving from Bloglines to Google Reader (as LizB is), it’s a good opportunity to clear your RSS feeds.

It’s not about uncluttering, although that’s part of it.  It’s more about being focused in your learning: ensuring you get the biggest bang for your professional networking buck.

What blinders are you using?

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