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If it’s broken…

(or, “what if they held a Fall Forum and no one tweeted”)

Last weekend, in a spectacularly idiotic bit of bad timing, YALSA held its Literature Symposium and AASL held its Fall Forum.  First of all, who schedules these things?  There are so many people  I know who are members of both, who might want to go to both and now they have to choose.   Yet one of ALA’s continually reiterated goals is to increase cross-membership.  This sort of thing doesn’t help.

And then there was the backchannel. I’m reasonably certain I know people that went to the Fall Forum.  But the backchannel was suspiciously silent.  Compare the official YALSA and AASL twitter feeds and the #yalsalit1o and #fallforum tweets.  And let’s not forget the YALSA and the AASL blogs.

I’m a relatively new member of YALSA, but a longstanding member of AASL.  Guess which keeps me informed and makes me feel welcome?  Guess which is getting the young, energetic (and this is critical) willing to get involved members?  Every year, with each incoming AASL president, I hope to see a change.  As Sondheim once wrote, “well maybe next year…”

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