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Wednesday Wackiness

I read this in my daily Shelf Awareness e-mail:

Michele Filgate, events coordinator at RiverRun Bookstore, Portsmouth, N.H., was asked to relate the “strangest question a customer has ever asked.” Her answer: “When I worked at a college bookstore, a girl once asked me for The Apples of Happiness. I stared at her for a few lonnnnng seconds before asking, ‘Do you mean The Grapes of Wrath?’

And promptly sent it to a number of colleagues who came up with…

The Nectarines of Negativity
The Raisins of Rabidity
The Raspberries of Discontent (as in “now is the raspberry of our discontent…”)
The Gooseberries of Jollity
The Barretts of Wimpole Street
The Tangerines of Twiggery
The Boscs of Barretry (Lawyer joke)
The Watermelons of Wimpole St
The Bananas of Banality
The Persimmons of Perspicacity
The Mangoes of Myopia
The Pears of Petulance
The Kiwis of Kwaziness
The Coconuts of Constipation
The Kumquats of Irritation
The Pomegranates of Perdition
The Mangosteens of Magnanimity
The Peaches of Perversity
The Tangelos of Torment
The Quinces of Quiddity


The Oranges of Omphaloskepsis

Have fun adding to the list!

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