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Winter Breaking

Because my position is an administrative one, I work during part of our Winter Break.  I actually don’t mind it (much) because that’s concentrated time to work on something without interruption.

One of my projects has been to upgrade/update our Upper School Library website and – voila! – it’s now live.  There are some areas that need tweaking, and one area (Research Resources) that needs to be finished, but by and large I’m happy with it.  And before I forget, thanks to Joyce Valenza for the inspiration.  I know it’s not iPad friendly, and we’ll have to see how many people have a problem (yes, I’m working on a non-flash page for their benefit).

In testing out the template with our students, I got so many positive comments that I thought, well, go for it!  And if they find the interface and navigation easier (and visit more), that’s all I need to know it was a success.


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