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A Library Day in the Life

Thanks to Bobbi Newman for spearheading this adventure.  It’s always interesting to see how my colleagues spend their days.

So, what is a day in the life of the Hackley Library (and Head Librarian) like?  Let’s see… first of all, we haven’t had a full week of classes since mid-December, thanks to snow days.  Last week we had two, which meant that we had a two-day week (something I could get used to every bit as much as my students could!).

4:30: Alarm goes off, and I struggle downstairs to feed the cats.  Back upstairs I turn on the computer, start this post, and check my e-mail and RSS feeds.

5:40: Get dressed, remembering that NOAA has issued a Winter Chill Advisory for today.

6:05: Head to work

7:00: Breakfast with friends.  Conversation ranges from weather, Saranac Beer, Wilfred Sheed‘s dying, Jon Bon Jovi, The Who, the latest WikiLeaks release and Ariel Sharon.

The work day officially starts… throughout all of this, I’m helping students, parents and teachers find books, troubleshooting the computers and printer/copier, chatting with them about their (unintentionally) long weekends, etc..  I’m also working on strengthening the resource pages linked to off our new library website.

8:00: Talk with Assistant to set up today; she’s going to process our boxes of new books and then set up the display.  We also need to create a display of the new books and one for “movies into books” (I am Number Four is coming out soon).

My Lovely Assistant

7:50: Learn that several trophies from Hackley’s past were put on a garbage bin; rescue them for the archives.

8:15: Meet with a Trustee looking into campus landscaping; head to the archives to pull what photos we know we have of the campus’ past.

8:30: Get photo taken for The Gatekeepers blog (a colleague took the photo) – stay tuned for more info on that!

8:58: Start my least favorite task: overdue notices.

9:18: Added today’s photo to the “60 books in 60 seconds” project

Day 15

9:30: Conversation with Head of History regarding upcoming projects; thanks to snow days, the 9th and 10th grade projects are on a slight delay, and the new schedule (exams in March, not January/June) mans that the 11th grade project will be introduced in late Feb/early March.  Gives me more time to work on the appropriate Libguides and finding print resources.

11:05: Now on to the paying invoices part of my job.  Only slightly more exciting than the patrolling for illegal food and overstuffed study rooms part of my job.

11:11: Find out that the lock to our computer lab is broken (start hearing “the key in the lock goes round and round” in my head… I hate earworms!).  Sigh.

11:30: LUNCH!  Watercress and havarti salad, mixed veg, and hot chocolate.

12:14: My ARC of Before I Go to Sleep arrives: thank you Virginia Stanley @ HarperCollins!!

1:30: The Chair of our Parent Volunteers comes in for her stint – shelving, rearranging books, and generally keeping us running.


1:50: One of the students is practicing his songs in our upcoming production of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee… I don’t think he realizes we can hear him upstairs!

2:27: Help a student print out the Old Word of the Day:

quat, v.2

Pronunciation: Brit. /kwat/ , U.S. /kwæt/ , Sc. /kwat/ , Irish English /kwat/

1. trans. To repay; to discharge by payment. Obs.

2. trans. To give up, relinquish; to leave, forsake; to cease, desist from. Also intr. with with.

The printing failed, but at least I have a new word to play!

3:15: Academic Committee meeting (mostly discussing our upcoming NYSAIS Evaluation for Accreditation; interesting side note: the word “library” or equivalent is not mentioned anywhere in the document… hmmm….)

4:30: finish a few short chores and get desk ready for tomorrow’s tasks.

4:55: Remind students we’re closing in five minutes.

5:00: Head home

6:55: Dinner while watching Downton Abbey and looking through the latest Booklist (yes, I’m multitasking!).

8:00: Time to curl up with my latest read and drift off to sleep… in a few short hours, it’ll be time to do it all over again.

2 thoughts on “A Library Day in the Life”

  1. Parent volunteers are wonderful, aren’t they? And your students are lucky to have a hard working librarian, too! Stay warm!

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