Occupational Hazards

It’s Spring Break and like many of my colleagues I’m using the time take care of those pesky errand things.  Today was Dentist Day…

So imagine me there, in the dentist’s chair.  I’ve already gotten the Novocaine shot, and my tongue, gums and lips are getting numb.  And then the hygienist strikes.  “So, what books are you reading now?”

Now, I’ve read some really great books recently (The Tiger’s Wife, for example, or Noah Barleywater Runs Away or The Dark City) and some good books (like State of Wonder and The Sandalwood Tree and Drought).  But now is not the time to ask me!

When I first started working, getting business cards was the sign that you’d arrived.  Hackley gave me a huge box of cards when I joined them in 2007, and if I’ve used 100 in the past six years I’d be very surprised.  Conferences now use scan cards, and I don’t go to the types of places where you put your card in a bowl for a free lunch or dinner.  But… what if I used them to advertise books?  When I read something wonderful, put a blurb together, print some labels, attach them to the back of the cards and hand them out when the opportunity arises.

Does anyone else do anything similar? How do you respond to the inopportune question?

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