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The Role of Reading

The recent twitter effort to get our senators to remember school libraries/librarians during their ESEA discussions made me think about the role of librarians - or, to be accurate, it was one of the things that made me think about our role.  And then there was this tweet by LizB Twitter / @LizB: if your… Continue reading The Role of Reading

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#AASL11 Reflections: HS – College Information Literacy

First of all, this wasn't really about the entire continuum, it was more about the 12-13 disconnect. In other words, what we HS librarians think our students leave knowing, and what first year professors actually see when our students get there. The caveats of the study are that the students were from Catholic schools that… Continue reading #AASL11 Reflections: HS – College Information Literacy

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#AASL11 reflections: technotreats

I'm always interested in how others are using technology (and technotools) intelligently in their schools - after all, we know that technology is only a tool, it's not the answer to our pedagogical/programatic problems. Right? Here are some of my takeaways (and one rant) from the conference. 17 Things to Chew On The presenter, Alicia… Continue reading #AASL11 reflections: technotreats

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#AASL11 reflections: assessment/evaluation

Having worked in several NYSAIS evaluation committees (and written on the evaluation for accreditation process, I was interested in what my public school peers were doing vis-a-vis the NYS School Library Media Program Evaluation (SLMPE) Rubric. NYSAIS has recently updated its process and libraries aren't mentioned (why? this is a huge mistake, imvho) and looking… Continue reading #AASL11 reflections: assessment/evaluation

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#AASL11 Reflections: overall impressions

Having the opportunity to spend time taking with peers, learning from them during formal presentations as well as in informal conversations is always wonderful, and the AASL conference certainly provides that opportunity. The focus on school libraries is something of a dual-edged sword, however. Why? Because when you're in a walled garden you don't get… Continue reading #AASL11 Reflections: overall impressions