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Remember the Link

Here are a few links I loved over the past few weeks.  They’re worth checking out:

  • Google Graveyard, Meet Microsoft’s Morgue (very interesting look at what both companies have tried & given up on)
  • iPads more fragile than expected and other lessons from first year of Zeeland high schools’ iPad program
  • What happens to all those old video games stuck on floppy disks (ties right into my thinking about the importance of personal online archiving)
  • Professors Put Textbooks Online to Reduce Costs:
  • Copyright reform needs to happen: a DPLA would be such a great research help!
  • 12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets (particularly useful as you while away the remaining summer vacation)
  • Not every student has a smart/cell phone: (what is your school doing about this?)
  • What does Khan Academy need?
  • My Education in Home Schooling (very good points re: one-size-fits-all schooling – how can schools combat this problem?)

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