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My paper problem

Posted by lpearle on 24 January 2013

The past year I’ve spent a lot of time scanning in documents (tax returns dating back 30 years, for example, as well as more current things like recipes I want to try and professional development and program ideas).  I’ve started using Instapaper to send long blogposts and articles to my Kindle, Evernote has become a trusted tool.  For a while IFTTT helped track posts in my RSS that I wanted for a Minor Musings post, but Twitter isn’t playing well with IFTTT any more (there is a workaround that works… somewhat).  Dropbox and Carbonite save all my documents (Carbonite for everything I don’t want to share with other machines, like those tax returns, Dropbox for anything professional.  And photos of my cats.)

Since presenting with Ellysa Cahoy (and poking around the PDA 2012 videos) I’ve become even more aware of my digital archiving and my workflow.  There are several workflow solutions out there, and as with all things, what works for me may not work for you.  One concern is remember where I’ve saved things: was it placed in a LiveBinder? perhaps I Scooped it? was it a Delicious link? or did I simply Diigo?

And therein lies the problem: how do I effectively aggregate all that digital content so I can find it again?  And what about paper?

Yes, paper.

I’m in the middle of guest editing the May/June issue of Knowledge Quest magazine – the one promoting the November National Conference – and while I can safely say that I know where each and every e-mail and iteration of the articles is, I still produce paper.  Maybe I’m old.  Maybe I just don’t know the right tool.  But when I get something I need to edit, I need to print it out before tackling it.  Part of me says that’s ok, because a few pages here and there isn’t bad… part of me wonders why I’m still so wedded to that way of editing things.

Thoughts?  Solutions? All gratefully accepted.


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